Tetsuo's Labyrinth

Tetsuo's Labyrinth

Issue No. 1
(Mega)Zine for Rebel Thinkers artist edition produced by hectic laboratory and Sylvana Wickman. Featuring in this eco-themed issue:

✚ Hans Vaga ~ Baumdrucker
✚ Sebastian Lechner ~ Feinkost Flasher
✚ Sylvana Wickman ~ Decoding the Rhythm of the Cicada
✚ Christopher Logan ~ Poetic Imagery
✚ drusnoise (Steve Williams) ~ Reimagining the World
✚ Yuko Mizobata (Universpice) ~ From her Repertoire of Delights
✚ hectic laboratory ~ The Meander Game

Imagination constitutes something larger than the sum total of reason and reaches beyond what is physically likely. Welcome to Tetsuo’s Labyrinth. The antidote to ephemeral hyperreality, where evaluation is not reprocessed without reflection ad infinitum.

Tetsuo slowly ponders which part of his labyrinth to explore today as he sits on the terrace enjoying the warmth of the sun, his eyes shut. It’s the second anniversary of his adoption by the people at the Laboratory and it has become increasingly clear that the puzzles posed by the meandering passageways of the labyrinth have become his lifeblood.

Amalgamation of style and temperament has brought into existence the flow of consciousness that is Tetsuo’s Labyrinth as seen through the eyes of artists when they put pen to paper and brush to canvas to sketch the interlacing mechanisms of humankind, nature and perhaps beyond that too.

70 pages of bliss // Screenprint on cover // Numbered // Edition of 140

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